You're here to attend a game jam organised with the support of OpenTechSchool. During the course of the day you will make a game using a tool called Twine.\n\n— [[Was ist Twine?|Twine]]\n\n— [[OpenTechSchool?|OTS]]\n\n
She's that lady over there. She made a great game using Twine called Panic! that you should all play – it's the game that got Lorenzo very into Twine by the way, if you're curious about the background story. And it was made during a Berlin Mini Game Jam, which is a monthly event co-organised by Christiaan, the guy over there.\n\nSo basically Lorenzo is the spiritual son of Astrid and Christiaan.\n\n— [[Interesting. Now please tell me more about OpenTechSchool.|OTS]]
Here's the plan:\n\nAfter we're done with this introduction, Astrid and Christiaan (co-organisers of this event) will tell you more about how to use Twine and how to make make a game in just a few hours.\n\nAt <html><blink>12:30</blink></html> we start jamming!\n \nBefore <html><blink>17:30</blink></html> you must upload your creations (we'll tell you how/where later)\n \nAt <html><blink>18:00</blink></html> the presentations will start, they're open to everyone so invite your friends!\n\nAfter the presentations we can have some food and drinks together, maybe go to the park?\n\n— [[OK, got it!|StartCopy]]
Astrid, come here!
What else would you like to know?\n\n— [[What are we doing here?|What]]\n\n— [[What's going to happen to us today?|Schedule]]\n\n— [[What if we're thirsty?|Drinks]]\n\n— [[I think we're done.|Done]]
It's a rare summer day in Berlin. A Saturday! Every single person you know is at the park or at the lake right now, but for some inexplicable reason you're in a very warm room full of strangers with laptops in front of them instead.\n\nA guy with a funny accent called Lorenzo or something is talking in front of you. He's asking if you have any question.\n\n— [[What are we doing here?|What]]\n\n— [[What's going to happen to us today?|Schedule]]\n\n— [[What if we're thirsty?|Drinks]]\n
[img[ots.png]] \nBecause they're a bunch of cool people.\n\nTheir goal is to create a friendly learning environment where no one feels shy about asking any question.\n\n— [[Can I get involved somehow?|JoinOTS]]
[img[ots.png]] \nYes, of course you can be part of the bunch of cool people too! Everyone is invited to participate and get in contact to organize OpenTechSchool events anywhere in the world. Just come and talk to us and keep an eye on all future activities on the OTS page.\n\n— [[Ok, I'll do that!|StartCopy]]
Lorenzo Pilia
Berlin Twine Jam: an introduction
[img[ots.png]] \nOpenTechSchool is a community initiative offering free programming workshops and meetups to technology enthusiasts of all genders, backgrounds, and experience levels.\n\n— [[Why are they doing this?|WhyOTS]]
Astrid will tell you more about Twine in a few minutes.\n\n— [[Who's Astrid?|Astrid]]\n\n
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Drinks are available from the fridge behind you and cost 1.5 euro each. The money helps co.up pay for the bills and allows other free events like this to take place, so keep yourself well hydrated!\n\n[img[coup.png]] \n\n— [[Sounds good!|StartCopy]]