You've made it!\nOne way or another you have found the Tree of Wisdom.\nYou have never seen it before, but you know, that's it.\n\nBut look at the state of it. \nWithered branches. Rotten roots.\nIt seems to have a face. An unhappy face.\nAnd there are heavy shadows burdening it further.\n\nAt the bottom of the trunk you see a small hole just big enough for... \n\n...[[a walnut.|theEnd]]\n...[[your hand.|whatYouDoThatFor]]\n...[[your head.|whatYouDoThatFor]]
Nothing to see here. Go [[back|orchard]].
Nothing to see here. Go [[back|orchard]].
(~singing~)\nGreat. Voice... Not.\nBut he has helped you before, so don't be too [[harsh|beingHarsh]] on him.\nHe might have something important to say. What's he singing anyway? Sounds like some good advice. [[Take it|treeOfWisdom]] or [[leave it|beingHarsh]].
The walnut starts to rejuvenate the old tree immediately.\nThe whole orchard starts to look fresh and healthy again.\nYou see your Grandma pushing her walking frame coming towards you. Smiling. She is happy. You are happy. \nBut what you don't know. You are the new owner of the orchard. It's your turn to take care of the apple trees and you have just formed a unique bond with the Tree of Wisdom.\n\nYour first act as proud owner of the orchard is to mow the lawn. Your Grandma quickly shows you how to start the lawnmower.\n<html><iframe class="vine-embed" src="" width="600" height="600" frameborder="0"></iframe><script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script></html>
Magic mushroom? Hardly, but they are magically arranged in a perfect circle.\nSpeaking of circle. You feel like you are walking in [[one|shrooms]]. Are you turning [[mad|dontBeSilly]]?
<<silently>>\n<<set $sunIsUp = "no">>\n<<set $walnutObtained = "no">>\n<<set $metNeighbour = "no">>\n<<set $hintObtained = "no">>\n<<endsilently>>One sunny day your Grandma calls you up to urgently ask you to come over to her house in the country. For the past couple of nights she has been hearing strange noise from the apple orchard. Also, she observed, that the apple trees didn't look as fresh and happy as they used to. \nYou notice a sort of resigned undertone in her voice and immediately realize that there is more to it.\nYou grab your bike and get going.\nOnce you arrive you check the time and see that the handles say 6:15. But is it [[day]] or is it [[night]] time?
You reach a worn out path. \n<<if $sunIsUp eq "yes">>You follow the [[path|shrooms]]<<else>>To your surprise, sun is setting and dawn is making the shadows longer. \nFollowing an intuition you reach into your pocket and get out the walnut. It is comfortably hot and there is a dim glow coming off it.\nYou see that the glow is stronger on one side.\nYou hear a rustle in the bushed and a thud. Turning around the check up on it, it was only an apple falling from a tree, you see the glow shifting in your hand.\nThis must mean something!\nYou turn around in a circle.\nThe light is following you.\nIs this too [[creepy|dontBeSilly]]? Or will you follow the [[light|treeOfWisdom]]?\n<<endif>>
Yes, you better wait for the [[day]] to break.
The end of the day is nearing and you decide to have dinner with your Grandma to brainstorm on your next steps. Maybe you should try going at [[night]].
Nothing to see here. Go [[back|orchard]].
Don't be silly. You have come so far. Now don't give up!\n<<if $walnutObtained eq "no">><<set $sunIsUp = "no">>[[Carry on|oldPath]].<<else>>[[Carry on|labyrinth]]<<endif>>
Nothing to see here. Go [[back|orchard]].
Nothing to see here. Go [[back|orchard]].
<<set $hintObtained = "yes">>"Wow, I didn't expect you to get it right!" says the mysterious neighbour! After a boring story of how he learnt the riddle himself he gives you a valuable hint that is very important for the success of your quest. He sends you off towards the [[orchard]].
Wait. What's that? Is that...? But it can't be. There's a huge root floating about in the lake. \nAnd hey, what's that over there? Awww... how cute. A family of bambis. They are so little!\nSorry, back to the task at hand.\nHuh?\nBut...\nYou rub your eyes. \nI swear I just saw something!\nImpossible.\nCould you really have imagined it?\nYou don't trust your senses any more, but is that enough to go back [[home|house]]?\nNo, didn't think so. So go on, walk along the [[shore]].
<<set $walnutObtained = "yes">>As you get closer to the ground you see something sparkle in the blazing summer sun. Not caring that you freshly manicured nails might get ruined you digg in the dirt and surface an unusually large walnut. You think to yourself: "Nice!" and pocket it. Now you feel encouraged to [[move on|path]].
What you do that for?\n[[Try again|treeOfWisdom]]!
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Come on, don't be a fool! Your grandma needs you! Go on! Upping your spirits, you make your way to the [[orchard|path]].
Grandma's Orchard
Your trip had led you into a labyrinth. \nYou get lost several times and are nearing insanity.\nYou keep on [[moving|treeOfWisdom]].
<<set $metNeighbour = "yes">>The mysterious neighbour greets in a creepy friendly way and asks an incredibly clever question you to which you have three options for answering. What to do? What to do! Will you pick [[one|neighbour]], [[two|hint]] or [[three|house2]]?
<<if $walnutObtained eq "no">>Before moving on though, you [[examine the traces|walnut]] a little further. <<else>>You didn't see it from afar, but getting nearer to the apples trees, you realize they don't look normal for this time of the year. Their leaves are dry and falling off, almost, as if it was nearing winter and not mid summer.\nAs you stand there pondering the unusual sight you see the [[mysterious neighbour|neighbour]] across the fence. You could [[pretend to not see him|orchard]]...<<endif>>
<<set $sunIsUp = "yes">>After checking in on your Grandma, she sends you to the field and you find strange traces on the ground. They seem to be leading into the orchard, so you decide to [[follow|path]] them, or [[don't you|house]]?
Nothing to see here. Go [[back|orchard]].
The mysterious neighbour send you home. He said something along the lines of... "If you can't even handle a simple riddle like this you might es well give up."Upping your spirits, you make your way to the [[orchard]].
There is a clearing ahead of you with multiple paths to chose from.\n<<if $hintObtained eq "no">>If only someone had given you a hint on which path to take. Where should you go? [[North]]? [[South]]? [[East]]? [[West]]? [[Northeast]]? [[Southwest]]? [[South-southeast|lake]]? Give up and go back to the [[house|house3]]?<<else>>Knowing, that you have to go to the lake you take the correct [[path|lake]].<<endif>>
[[Don't be so harsh|singNeighbour]]!
Making your way along the shore you see the mysterious [[neighbour|singNeighbour]] again. You try to [[avoid|oldPath]] him, he is so mysterious.
You see shadows in the orchard. Are you [[brave|orchard]] or are you [[scared|house4]].
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