Thats the story. Remember, the smallest things may could have the biggest impacts, so what would happen, if you did some different things?
As you keep on walking along a small passage, you think about why and how you got into this forest. You can't remember much, but you now you drove a car on a road... somewhere... where is the car?\n\n[[Go further!|Start3]]
Finally, you found a forest clearing. There is an iron fence but you can't see a road in front of it to follow.\n\n[[Take a closer look!|FrontFence]]\n[[Take an other way!|FrontFence_OtherWay]]
<<if $candle neq "yes">>It's pretty cold in this room. It's to dark to see anything, so you should go back to the main hall.\n[[Enter the main hall|ManorInner_Mainhall]]\n<<else>><<if $manor_inner_kitchen_entered eq "yes">>You're in the kitchen.<<else>><<silently>><<set $manor_inner_kitchen_entered = "yes" >><<endsilently>>You see barely the tiled walls and ground. There are cupboards at the walls and some Tables in the center of the room. The room is very well cleaned up and just some knifes are lieing around.<<endif>>\n\n<<if $haunted eq "yes" and $knife neq "yes">>[[Take a knife!|ManorInner_Kitchen_Knife]]<<endif>>\n[[Enter the main hall!|ManorInner_Mainhall]]\n[[Enter the dining room!|ManorInner_DiningRoom]]\n<<endif>>
<<silently>>\n<<set $front_fence_other_way = "no" >>\n<<set $front_fence_look_around = "no" >>\n<<set $manor_front_examine = "no" >>\n<<set $manor_front_knock = "no" >>\n<<set $manor_inner_mainhall_entered = "no">>\n<<set $manor_inner_library_entered = "no">>\n<<set $manor_inner_kitchen_entered = "no">>\n<<set $manor_inner_living_room_entered = "no">>\n<<set $manor_inner_mainhall_upper_hurted = "no">>\n<<set $haunted = "no">>\n<<set $candle = "no">>\n<<endsilently>>\n\nThis is the beginning of a long story. All starts in a dark, cold night in a scary forest. You're alone and you're lost, trying to find a way out of the woods.\n\n[[Go further!|Start2]]
<<if $haunted eq "yes">>You press down the handle. It's not easy and it doesn't seem to work. You hear a strange noise an the door opens. <<else>>You press down the handle. It's not easy at all an you also have to use some force to open the door, but it wasn't locked at all. <<endif>>\n\n[[Enter!|ManorInner_Mainhall]]
<<if $manor_inner_library_entered eq "yes">>You're in the library. <<if $key neq "yes">>On one of the tables you can see a key. <<display 'ManorInner_Library_Key'>> <<endif>><<else>><<if $canlde eq "yes">>You see huge bookshelfs and the massive amount of books within. There are also some tables and on one of them you see a key. <<display 'ManorInner_Library_Key'>> <<else>>Even in the dark you can see the huge bookshelfs and the massive amount of books within there are also some tables <<endif>><<endif>>\n<<silently>>\n<<set $manor_inner_library_entered = "yes" >>\n<<endsilently>>\n\n[[Enter the main hall!|ManorInner_Mainhall]]\n
<<silently>>\n<<set $front_fence_look_around = "yes" >>\n<<endsilently>>\nYou're looking around. Normally, there would be some kind of a nameplate, an house number or a mailbox, but you can't find any of those. Is this a vacant house? <<if $front_fence_other_way eq "yes">>Maybe It's haunted...<<endif>>\n\n[[Enter!|ManorFront]]
After some minutes, you arrived at the main entrance. This manor is not that big as you thought in first place. Theres seems to be a door knocker, butt you can't see much. <<if $haunted neq "yes">>Maybe there's also a bell or a name plate, but don't have a light. Wasn't there one in the car?<<else>>\nShould you knock the door on a strangers house? But even if there's nobody, you wouldn't see much. Why didn't you grab a Light Wasn't there one in the car?<<endif>>\n\n[[Examine the Door!|ManorFront_Examine]]\n[[Use the door knocker!|ManorFront_Knock]]\n[[Use the door handle!|ManorFront_Enter]]
The Manor
You're getting closer to the fence. <<if $front_fence_other_way eq "yes">>You notice some strange noises. It seems, there's a gate and it's not closed. <<else>>You notice the open gate. <<endif>>\nIn a far distance, a manor appears out of the darkness.\n\n[[Look around!|FrontFence_LookAround]]\n[[Enter!|ManorFront]]
You're in the main hall.\n<<if $manor_inner_mainhall_entered neq "yes">>It's a huge room with some doors and stairs to the upper floor of the main hall. There seem to be some ornaments on the ceiling and a huge Chandeliers. Around the room there is also a lot of decoration.<<endif>>\n<<if $candle eq "yes" and $door_downstairs neq "yes">>Now you have some light, you see a door under one of the stairs. Maybe the scream came from down there.<<silently>><<set $door_downstairs = "yes">><<endsilently>><<endif>>\n<<silently>>\n<<set $manor_inner_mainhall_entered = "yes" >>\n<<endsilently>>\n\n<<if $manor_inner_library_entered eq "yes">>[[Enter Library!|ManorInner_Library]]<<else>>[[Enter the left room|ManorInner_Library]]<<endif>>\n<<if $manor_inner_living_room_entered eq "yes">>[[Enter living room!|ManorInner_LivingRoom]]<<else>>[[Enter the front room|ManorInner_LivingRoom]]<<endif>>\n<<if $manor_inner_kitchen_entered eq "yes">>[[Enter kitchen!|ManorInner_Kitchen]]<<else>>[[Enter the right room|ManorInner_Kitchen]]<<endif>>\n<<if $manor_inner_mainhall_upper_entered neq "yes">>[[Go Upstairs!|ManorInner_MainhallUpper]]<<endif>>\n<<if $candle eq "yes">>[[Open the door under the chairs!|ManorInner_Mainhall_Downstairs]]<<endif>>\n
<<silently>>\n<<set $front_fence_other_way = "yes" >>\n<<set $haunted = "yes">>\n<<endsilently>>\nYou look around but the only thing in sight is the dark forest. The fence looks rusty and the owner might be a mad guy, but what else should you do?\n\n[[Take a closer look!|FrontFence]]
<<if $manor_inner_dining_room_entered eq "yes">>You're in the dining room. <<else>>There's not much in this room. There's a big Table in the center surrounded by many chairs.\n<<if $haunted eq "yes">>A shock flashes you as a light sparkles from the middle of the table. Slowly you recognizes the contours of something. Is it a candlestick? In fact, it is! And fortunately there are also some matchsticks to light the candle. <<else>>There is much of decorational environment around. As you walk a bit around, you see something in the middle of the table. It's a candlestick and right next to it there are some matchsticks. It seems the candle was lighted some minutes before. <<endif>>\nYou're grabbing both of them and you try to light the candle, when suddenly a loud scream brecks the silence. Terrified you light the candle and hold it to the door you entered the room with, but everything is silent again. <<if $haunted eq "yes">>It takes you some time to calm down. <<endif>> <<silently>><<set $candle = "yes">><<set $manor_inner_dining_room_entered = "yes">><<endsilently>><<endif>>\n\n<<if $manor_inner_living_room_entered eq "yes">>[[Enter the living room!|ManorInner_LivingRoom]]<<else>>[[Enter the other room!|ManorInner_LivingRoom]]<<endif>>\n<<if $manor_inner_kitchen_entered eq "yes">>[[Enter the kitchen!|ManorInner_Kitchen]]<<else>>[[Enter the other room!|ManorInner_Kitchen]]<<endif>>\n
<<if $key eq "yes">><<if $haunted eq "yes">>carefully you put the key into the keyhole of the door. The key matches and you can turn it around. <<if $knife eq "yes">>Barely finished, the door opens and a woman jumps screaming to you and pulls you over. She starts crying and runs out of the front door. As you try to stand up to follow her, you feel your knife is not in your hand... instead it's in your body.\nYou crawling on the ground and some seconds later you loose your consciousness...\n[[Continue!|End]] <<else>>Barely finished, the door opens and knocks you over. The only thing you can notice is something screaming and running out of the house. You're chasing it, but you wether can see it, nor you can follow it. It simply vanishs in the darkness of the night. Once you're outside, going back inside seems to be a bad idea.\nEquiped with a small candle, the search for the right way starts again...\n[[Continue!|End]]<<endif>> <<else>>You hear some gasps on the other side of the door moments before the doo opens and a screaming woman jumps to you. Your candle falls to the ground and gets out. While struggeling with the woman, somhow the door gets closed again. The woman jumps off you and runs out of the house. To find out the reason for her panic, you chase her out of the house, past the fence and into the forest. She's so far away so that she almost vanishes in the dark night. Suddenly, you think about what would be, if she was not a human being and why you didn't saw the key in the door after it was closed again...\n[[Continue!|End]] <<endif>> <<else>>You try to open the door, but it's locked<<if $haunted eq "yes">> and fortunately nothing happens<<endif>>. [[Go back!|ManorInner_Mainhall]]<<endif>>
<<if $haunted eq "yes">>You're going slowly to the stairs to enter the upper floor. Slowly you're taking one step after step up the first steps. You recognize the stairs are damaged and right in this moment one of the stairs you're staying on breaks under you're weight and you can barely beware yourself of falling into the broken stairs.\n<<if $knife neq "yes">>You fall down the stairs and manages to avoid much violations.<<set $manor_inner_mainhall_upper_hurted = "yes">>\n[[Stand up!|ManorInner_Mainhall]]<<else>>You fall down the stairs and loose the knife you held in your hand. As you try to stand up, you literally can feel, where you lost the knife. You can't feel any breeze but it's getting colder anyway. Not knowing what to do, you're standing in front of the stairs and some seconds later you lose your consciousness.\n[[Continue!|End]]<<endif>> <<else>>You're going carefully up the stairs, but quickly you recognize the stairs are to damaged to get upstairs. You recognize the noises caused by your weight and get off the stairs before they break.\n[[Go back!|ManorInner_Mainhall]]<<endif>>\n<<silently>>\n<<set $manor_inner_mainhall_upper_entered = "yes">>\n<<endsilently>>\n
Could it be the key for the locked door? You take the key so you can try it out.<<silently>><<set $key = "yes">><<endsilently>>
<<silently>><<set $knife = "yes">><<endsilently>>You took a knife. Now you feel more protected.\n[[Enter the main hall!|ManorInner_Mainhall]]\n[[Enter the dining room!|ManorInner_DiningRoom]]\n
<<silently>>\n<<set $manor_front_knock = "yes" >>\n<<endsilently>>\n\n<<if $manor_front_examine eq "yes" >>As expected, the door knocker is very loud. You're wayting for some seconds but absolutely nothing happens. <<else>>Unexpectedly this was very loud. <<if $haunted eq "yes">>Who knows who may have heard your knocking? <<endif>>You wait for some seconds and out of nothing the door opens a bit.<<endif>>\n\n[[Enter!|ManorInner_Mainhall]]
<<silently>>\n<<set $manor_front_examine = "yes" >>\n<<endsilently>>\nIt's a big, wooden door. There are some carvings, maybe, but you can't see them.\nThe door knocker is heavy and there's something modeled on it. If you used this, you might alert the entire wood of your presence.\nThe door seems to be open, so you just have to use it to enter the Manor.\n\n[[Use the door knocker!|ManorFront_Knock]]\n[[Enter!|ManorInner_Mainhall]]
Richard Wepner
<<if $manor_inner_living_room_entered eq "yes">>You're in the LivingRoom. <<else>><<silently>><<set $manor_inner_living_room_entered = "yes" >><<endsilently>>This is a relativly big room with charis, tables and ... are thoose benches some kind of old couches? Anyway, there is no television, no radio and also no modern devices.\n<<if $haunted eq "yes">>There are some strange shadows around the walls. They probably come from the outside so there is no need to worry about...<<endif>><<endif>>\n\n<<if $manor_inner_dining_room_entered neq "yes">>[[Enter other room!|ManorInner_DiningRoom]]<<else>>[[Enter the dining room!|ManorInner_DiningRoom]]<<endif>>\n[[Enter the main hall!|ManorInner_Mainhall]]\n