The city is empty.\n\n[[Your left brain says |Reason One]]\n[[Your right brain says |Reason Two]]\n[[You check your phone|phone]]\n\n[img[herFace.gif]]
Behind the church you see a bunch of people gathered around a goat.\n\nThe goat roars fiercely, not unlike a lion, and some devotees pants start smelling sour.\n\n[[your nose wrinkles|wrinkles]]\n\n[img[peopleGathered.gif]]
You have finally understood what being vulnerable and open truly means. It is what you have longed for. It is what Santa has longed for. You hold each other tightly, lovingly. All the rest of your days.\n\n[img[withSanta.gif]]
yourself in a muddy swamp. \n\nLooking up you see a graceful Unicorn and without it opening its mouth \n[[you can hear it say|muddy]]\n\n\n[img[gracefulUnicorn.gif]]
But you have no mouth! \n\nLike a bad nightmare, columns of purple smoke spiral around you.\nYou feel nauseated. The Door of Great Wisdom stands in front of you, waiting to be opened.\n\n[[Your hand wants to grab the handle of the door|door]]\n\n\n\n[img[noMouth.gif]]
You just read yesterday in the news about all the deaths that have occurred so far due to the heatwave. And it is hot.\n\n[[You start to feel dizzy and fall to the ground |fall]]\n\n[[You decide to go to the lake|goToLake]]\n\n[img[hot.gif]]
"Neigh!" A simple sentence like this from such a graceful unicorn shows you instantly your way within this slum.\n\n'Now there's a proper non-sequitur' you shout, and then dance an irish jig.\n\nBut don't forget that the moon is only visible for another 40 minutes. You must act fast.\n\nYou brush away your lingering hesitation-- either way,\n[[this will be your last act|act]]\n\n\n[img[danceJig.gif]]
Everyone's at the lake. \n\n[[You decide to go to your favorite Lake -- Wannsee|goToLake]]\n\n[[Your right brain is screaming,you feel compelled to listen|Reason Two]]\n\n[img[lake.gif]]
Rachel Uwa
but you can't.\n\n\n[[You open your mouth to speak|speak]]\n\n\n[img[cant.gif]]
The sun beats down.\n\nIn the far off distance, the North Pole becomes a Lake.\n\nYes, in your world, this happens.\n\n[[You weap for your planet|cry]]\n\n[img[northPole.gif]]
but you are not sure if that is a good idea. ┬┐Do you really want to walk through the door? \n\nThe knowledge of what is inside there could kill you. This is ridiculous, you think. All your life trying to reach the GOAL and now you feel paralyzed. \n\nThe smoke around you is fascinating anyway.\n\n[[You open your door|doorTWO]]\n\n\n[img[paralyzed.gif]]
There is a huge dragon that swallows you whole. \n\n[[You journey into the belly of the beast and find|find]]\n\n\n[img[dragon.gif]]
He takes off his bear head and reveals to you that he is in fact, Santa Claus himself. He takes off the rest of his costume to reveal that he is a naked Santa. But you see his reindeer scars and know that he's the real deal.\n\n[[you have a short conversation with him|conversation]]\n[[you intimately touch his scars,feeling as if you've known him forever|touch]]\n\n[img[reindeer.gif]]
There is one message from your friend Iwan.\nIt says\n\n[[meet me behind the church at midnight|meet]]\n\n[img[iwan.gif]]
While you notice you're lying on the ground, you nonetheless feel yourself continously falling. You close your eyes and can see very vividly \n\n[[a dancing bear|bear]]\n[[a luminescent bright light|light]]\n\n[img[light.gif]]
A giant blinking LED is attacking you with both his long AND short legs. Try as you might but you cannot fight off his strength. One, Two, Three milliseconds later-- you're out.\n\n[img[LED.gif]]
You weep. You hug a tree. Your tears turn into a small sandhill before you. You \n\n[[get swept away into the sand vortex |vortex]]\n\n[img[youWeep.gif]]
as the smell gets stronger.\n\nyou look at the goat. It looks back.\n\n"Baa," he says.\n\nYou look at the church, and consider praying for help.\n\nHow did you get here?\n\n[[You turn to the other devotees, trying to ignore the smell|smell]]\n\n[[You open your mouth to speak|speak]]\n\n[img[here.gif]]
Santa Claus tells you that he is a homosexual and has known it almost as long as he's been alive. Mrs. Claus bakes good cookies but always wanted something more. You\n[[you intimately touch his scars,feeling as if you've known him forever|touch]]\n[[admit that you've always wanted something more as well|touch]]\n\n[img[santa.gif]]
and as gently as you came into this world, your being fades away. for eternity.\n\nThe END.\n\n[img[vortex.gif]]
You close your eyes.\n\nTHE END.\n\n\n[img[test.gif]]
The perfect locale for all sorts of sacriligious activities--\nwhat happens behind the church stays there.\n\n[[you go behind the church|church]]\n\n[img[cemetery.gif]]